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We know that there is life after incarceration; though looking down the corridor of a prison may seem bleak.  That's why the Wells Center, Inc was founded; to be a bridge in the transitional process for women going from incarceration to mainstream society.  

The Wells Center Transition Home is a serene environment where women can come to heal from life experienced trauma. The safety and security is a welcoming space for women transitioning from incarceration. Your participation in the Wells Center's CATCH program enables you to apply for residency at the "Well of Healing" Transitional Home. 

 Participants are not required to work for the first 90 days of their stay. We use this time to facilitate a personal centered-focus concentration to foster healing from emotional and cognitive healing from experienced trauma.  

725 N. Highland Avenue, Annex 1, Suite 117

Winston Salem, North Carolina, 27106

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